About us

Nipro D.Med has its origin by its mother company D.Med Healthcare. In the end of 2014, D.Med Healthcare and its partner Nipro made a joint venture agreement under the name of Nipro D.Med. Our core business is medical products and services in the areas of diabetes and dialysis. As an active company we are constantly endeavouring to tap new markets and try to be close to our customers. Nipro D.Med offers to its customers a portfolio with different range of products and services for all necessities concerning haemodialysis and diabetes. It is always important for us to be close to the patients' needs and to constantly improve their quality of life. This is our goal towards which we work with medical doctors, nursing and technician staff. For us this means that we want to find a solution to their problems and develop customised solutions based on their needs and requirements.

Nipro – our strong partner

Nipro D.Med is supplied directly with the extensive product portfolio of the Nipro Corporation. Nipro is among the world's leading medical product manufacturers. The parent company's central office is in Japan and the European distribution company, Nipro Europe, is located in Brussels. Worldwide Nipro has approximately 22,000 employees.

Locations worldwide

Nipro D.Med Healthcare Group has more than 100 employees with 11 locations, in 8 countries. The headquarters are located in Germany and most of business activities take place in Germany. Nipro D.Med Healthcare Group operates in these locations:

Hamburg/Germany, Fareham/United Kingdom, Freienbach/Switzerland, Belgrade/Serbia, Ankara/Turkey, Cape Town and Johannesburg/South Africa, Lagos/Nigeria, Almaty/Kazakhstan, Lodz/Poland and our affiliate in Accra/Ghana.

The company is committed to further grow its business in these regions, and also in exploring other potential options of the business development in the future. We operate with high qualified people and our employees are committed to improving the patients' quality of life each day. This empowers us by taking into consideration different cultures and brings us closer on understanding the needs for our regional customers and markets.